Jo Morgan, Herbalist, a maker of potions.

I’m fascinated with finding sources of healing from nature and the long tradition of herbalism in the western world.

The Herbadashery is a modern day apothecary where I am pursuing my passion for making traditional herbal remedies. I also source and stock the highest quality liquid and dried herbal medicines which I use to create personalised formulas for my patients.

Customers are welcome to come into the Herbadashery to seek free advice for their health needs. I enjoy empowering others in discovering how they can integrate herbal remedies into their everyday life.

How I came to be a herbalist

After realising that corporate accounting wasn’t quite for me, I studied western herbal medicine at Nature Care College in Sydney, and graduated in 2004.  In the years since, I’ve been in private practice in Waverley and Haberfield, as well as using those accounting skills to manage The Jocelyn Centre, an established and highly respected multi-disciplinary fertility clinic in Sydney CBD.

I remain inspired by my memory of living in Edinburgh, Scotland, and coming across an amazing “pharmacy” called Napier’s.  Walking into Napier’s opened a new world for me.  Alongside pharmaceuticals, were an array of bespoke herbal medicines and ointments made on the premises!  This planted a seed within me to one day make my own herbal medicines just as they do at Napier’s.